Today’s Energies

The roller coaster that is the energies of today… I have been in hiding for a long time and now it is my time to shine. That is the energy of now for us who are in the know of the energetic shifts right now.

I have been awake all my life. I always felt saw and knew stuff but I doubted myself and I like many others did not realise the true power of who we are until I was pushed over a cliff (metaphorically) and made to see myself and others for what and who we truly are.

I went through a lengthy process of clearing family timelines, clearing myself and the world, universe and beyond because when we heal it ripples through to everything and everyone.

I saw all sorts of things. There was a very small amount of time that I thought I was mad but my angelic team always steered me right. I learnt how to transmuted the energy so that it no longer held any power and with each transmutation of fear based energy I felt lighter and my relationships changed every time I did the work.

Some relationships would flair. Often the old paradigm people did not like to see the change in me as it bought out fear in themselves. I have walked away from those relationships as they could not exist if they chose not to recognise the work they need to do in them selves. I make it sound easy to walk away but it was not always, especially from long term family relationships where everything became a trigger for the other person but they saw no path of change in them selves but only to blame others as they were comfortable being in that position.

So now as I independently write this I invite you to write to me. Tell me your journey, your path, your fears, your hopes as in oneness we are all together yet completely unique and we are here for and with each other Love you all Tanya

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