Removing my mirena and the cycles of the moon.

I recently left my partner of 17 years. It was a killer of a relationship however I also know in the truth of who we are it is what I signed up for.

His idea of the relationship was text book patriarchal. He wanted me to be the pretty housewife cooking his meals always with a smile and ready to take any pressures off his shoulders while I died inside boosting his distorted ego. No thank you I said and when the truth came out of me in words or actions I was either ignored or told I was mad.

It took a long time for me to realise that the way he saw the world was not my problem. I used to try to “help” him to see the world from my perspective, but you cannot assist or change anyone who does not want to assist themselves. So I just had to live life my way. So as I became a real woman, a witch, an alchemist and all the other beautiful words associated with being the truth of a multidimensional woman we lived in 2 separate worlds. Then the big eclipse in January 2019 came and finally I knew it was time to move on.

While we were togehter I had lots of coping mechanisms to stop me from actually going mad. One thing I did so that I could have more energy was to get a mirena IUD. It was great and those 7 years with a mirena I loved. It was perfect for that time in my life when life was a struggle. However not long after I left him I decided to remove it. I wanted the energy to flow through my body again.

So I made the intent in the highest possible good to remove the mirena and for it to happen at a time and place in the highest possible good (I always do this for important things in my life even timing and places of holidays and they always synchronise perfectly).

As soon as the mirena was removed I immediately felt energy moving through my ovaries and sacral area, then 3 days later as we were coming into a dark moon (the traditional time to menstruate) I stared menstruating then a beautiful lady did a group womb healing to remember that our womb is a place of creation and birthing of all things not just babies :).

I bloody love synchronicity. When you set an intention stuff happens. We are so damn powerful. In the patriarchal system we were shut down, however the only power anyone has over us is the power we give them. With every breath, thought and word I choose to create beauty, hope and love for everyone.

So now with the new moon I am having an influx of new ideas but it is different from when I had the mirena. With my sacral area back at full capacity I feel tired yes, the need to rest yes, but also grounded, earthly like I am grounding the energy in a raw true way. I am proud that I bleed. I love the shape and wisdom of my body and I am so happy that I am living in it in my knowledge and not anyone else’s idea of who we each should be.

4 thoughts on “Removing my mirena and the cycles of the moon.”

  1. This is brilliant. Raw honest and life affirming. To find the strength to be who you really are and burst through the constructs of the perceived ‘wife’ role is no mean feat. Congratulations on becoming the Phoenix. I’ve been lucky enough to be with a man who is willing to grow, to listen and to embrace his feminine. It’s not been easy, and it’s certainly not been quick .. but slow and steady. I used to do it in a way he didn’t hear.. there was some resentment and blame that he couldn’t see or understand the world in the same way I did, but then, as my strength of who I am had grown, I too have allowed him the space to grow and with my intention set to truly become a co creating couple, I’m starting to witness the magic as it unfolds. Now when he calls me crazy or mad, I know it’s from a place of love, and it’s only me that has changed the perception of myself. I now own it. I’m one of the lucky ones who has a man that is repelled by self satisfaction and ego as do I . Of course what’s really cool is that I am getting stronger in my belief of who I am. The witch, the fairy, the nurturing mother, the student, the teacher and in my darker times, it’s not so pretty but I embrace it all .. Thankyou Tanya for allowing this opportunity for me to write this. It’s just flowed out in a creative easy way .. and guess what.. I too am due to remove my mirena. My child bearing days are over. I know I’m fully in menopause after many years of the medical profession convincing me that I’m far too young, but I know my body.. and am ready to fully embrace its natural state.

  2. Oh magnificent Sister, I love this!!!
    Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing this beautiful journey of realising YOUR truth.
    The suppression of all that is Feminine has caused so much pain for Woman & Men a like.
    As with all things, it had to happen to bring us to where we are today, journeying our path of higher truth, supporting each other as we piece back our connection to our Earth Mother, her Cycles & Season.

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