Coming into the physical

Through most of my awakening I have had to do it own my own. There was a healer that I saw on a regular basis to just talk about stuff because the day to day people in my lives including my husband were not switched on. If anything they were anti spirituality and I was seen as crazy by these people.

I found this difficult but it was my job and purpose to be in this situation with these people doing the inner work for myself and the planet. From a multidimensional sense I was there for many reasons but when you are in the thick of it it is difficult to accept this on a moment to moment basis.

I begged for a better life, for a new life in the physical but my guidance was always that it wasn’t time. However from Jan this year life has been improving and with this full moon there is a rebirth and I no longer am in the space I once was. The divine feminine has arisen and with that the divine masculine can be birthed from.

The divine masculine cannot be born without the divine feminine. The divine feminine is the grounding of the truth of who we are and without that the divine masculine cannot be born.

Now that the Divine Feminine has been fully anchored and awakened in Gaia those have also anchored the divine feminine within them can come into their new purpose on earth and will now feel free to be themselves.

This purpose is to just be themselves. Love one another, Be Kind, Be Strong, Speak your mind or be quiet. You will know your purpose as it will flow and come to you. I once thought the purpose was a grand Jesus type existence, but that was me trying to jump out of the life I once had as I wanted to escape.

Now I am in that new life and it is simple. That is just what I want because I am happy here. I am myself and I have everything I want and need around me. With the truth and love of who we are everything we need comes to us as we also go to it.

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