Reclaiming Words – I am a witch

Reclaiming Words.

Recently I have fallen in love with the notion of knowing that I am a witch.  I see a witch as a being that is in tune with themselves, the earth and the universe.  She is a force to be reckoned with.  She is loving and kind yet strong and wilful.  It is time to reclaim the words that history bent into something to be scared of.  We have been taught to be scared of our full potential.  We have been taught to follow others.  The witch follows her own heart, her own desires, her own truth.  Really it is simple and I am simply regaining confidence in the word witch, in the word slut, crazy, in all words that may of created fear and distrust, I am invoking love in.  Who are we but ourselves and who is to say or judge otherwise.  I am a healer, mother and wife but I also am a witch.  I know the laws of the universe and I choose to use them for my own benefit and the benefit of others.  I choose not to allow the energies of others change my decisions because my decision are my own.  I am a witch.

So… To complete this blog I say to you.  I am confident in myself, I trust myself, I love myself.

I am a Witch <3

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